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Fight Fantasy is the first multiplatform videogame

Fight Fantasy is the first game available for Smartphone and PC that blends a legendary role-playing adventure game with exciting multiplayer PVP and PVE. An adventurous world that brings all the fun of RPG games with some type Cartoon designs that shrink while the world do bigger inside.

With hundreds of enemies waiting outside your initial citadel, you just have to pick your favorite character to begin in the battle. You will level up to the current maximum level, level 30, where your skills and be strong enough to destroy your enemies more worthy.

Once you reach level 20, you can get started in Arenas and Dungeons, where you can make it clear who is the strongest, fighting against other players in the Arenas and against the toughest enemies in the world in the Dungeons.


fight fantasy 2


Fun and action wherever you are, our multiplatform system let you play both your smaller device, such as your mobile, even in your computer gamer without losing that each provides you with the same account and user data .


fight fantasy 5


ONLINE MULTIPLAYER PVP for all users who reach level 20 may engage in epic battles against their own colleagues and friends, or against any player in the world to show who is the strongest.


fight fantasy 7


FINAL BOSSES AND DESTRUCTION PVE in the dungeons (Dungeons) that are spread throughout the world of Fantasy Fight. Will you be able to destroy the most legendary bosses of each dungeon?
The destruction awaits at the legendary Fantasy Fight dungeons, monsters such as destroyers of the world and guards of a lifetime will face any character who approaches them.


fight fantasy 8


The world could succumb to massive destruction if we do nothing, everything is in your hands, the fate of the world awaits response.

But that would be a game with such action if there were MISSIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTS, because we know that you really like Fight Fantasy also brings a world full of quests to fulfill, each of these will take you closer to your destination; Save the world from the curse running through it.


In addition to missions, and kill enemies one after another, there are different factions of enemies and allies will be distributed worldwide, find them all, talk to them, make new contacts and get your rewards and domains


See Redeemed Skeleton, Orc Blood Human Order of the Sword and many more features that await you inside the world of Fantasy Fight.


Customize your character with the incredible amount of items that will be available and you can get missions, killing enemies, dungeons, in the shopkeepers and even rewards sands.
Improve your skills and get unique and exceptional powers. All characters start with two main skills, when you get to level 10 will unlock a third skill for all characters level 20 and the fourth and final skill.


fight fantasy 1


All skills are very special, each with a different purpose and a different impact on the game, but the best of all, skills “Ultimate” for each character, those skills themselves that are epic;


All the fun of Fantasy Fight awaits you, what are you waiting to get into our world?


Join now at the official open beta in and find out the latest news directly from the web.
Fight Fantasy will be available for:

  • Android
  • PC Windows
  • Mac OsX
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Windows Phone

We are at your disposal for any questions and / or comments. We ask you any questions or problems you comment us and we will solve it as soon as possible. This social application has a free system of help.

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