Dragon Pet - Take care of your pet and have fun playing Dragon

Dragon Pet – Take care of your pet and have fun playing Dragon

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Dragon Pet offers the possibility of caring for a dragon

Care for Your dragon pet in Dragon Pet Games, play it and have fun for hours, feed, dúchale, play mini-games, change his clothes, put accessories and more!
Break the Rules! Learn amazing skills as Throwing Fire, Flying, Etc …! You’ve never seen such Royal Dragon, so friendly, and so loving! Have fun playing with your virtual pet and never stop having fun. You have before you, the virtual pet ultimately to fulfill your dreams, having your own dragon, Dargon Pet Games gives you this possibility, enjoy your dragon, play with it and have it at your smartphone or tablet anywhere, while waiting for the bus, on break from work, on the street, in bed, etc. Wherever you want!



With your dragon pet can perform all actions you can imagine, so we give you all these possibilities:
Clothe, change of accessories, change the body color, eye color, change the Wings, etc ..!
Eating give over 10 different foods, Play more than 5 different minigames, dancing with him, jump rope, a lie,…
Create exceptional potions and do not let your Dragon Die! Learn Exceptional skills in the Virtual College, and teach Throwing Fire, Rain Dance, and more! Visit Dragons Friends, compare yourself to other users and Strive to be the strongest in Dragon Pet Games! Make Gifts to other users and receives gifts from other users


We are at your disposal for any questions and / or comments. We ask you any questions or problems you may have Dragon Pet Games, what we discuss and solve it as soon as possible. This social application has a system of free help.
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