Anonimo - Tell your stories, get answers and you decide

Anonimo – Tell your stories, get answers and you decide

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Anonimo, your social free APP:

Tell your stories in Anónimo, get answers and take anonyms decision.

Are you looking someone to tell a story what happened you, something you life, or just an experience and you don’t know how to tell? Do you want to let off steam? Are you frustrated? Do you need to talk? Or just you want to spend a good time writing stories? Anónimo answer all of this questions. Tell your stories, feelings, day by day to the users of Anónimo, they are persons like you, who answer you and help you with their words.

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This app let you spend a fun time and read, a way of evade of all around you, and get in in the stories of people like you, but all unknown, anonyms, who they are open to the rest of the world writing their personal stories, thinking up, or just looking some advice.


What Anonimo offers you?
– Make your own anonym stories and the rest users answer you, help you or they write their comments
– Comment in other users stories, help them with their problems o just laughs some time with the stories they write
– Make your own private story, write the stories which you never want other people know, your own personal diary


The Anonimo’s specifications are:

– Two languages are available (English and Spanish). We are looking to introduce new languages, step by step.

– Three principals sections (Your stories, World’s stories and private diary) and you can edit your profile when you want.

– All is anonym, tell your stories, problems, your day to users without any know who are you, that should give more confidence and the power to tell your more close stories.

-Database protect with no stole


We are at your disposal for any questions and / or comments. We ask you any questions or problems you comment us and we will solve it as soon as possible. This social application has a free system of help.

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